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There are 21 "Lisa" songs!

ArtistAlbumSpotify SongYouTube Link
Moes HavenSongs from Deep in the Vault (1996-2010)Lisa's Dress
Moes HavenSongs from Deep in the Vault (1996-2010)Lisa's Scarf
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsDream Girls, Vol. 2Lisa Loeb
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsFame is Awesome!Lisa Edelstein, You are Beautiful and Talented
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsI Feel Compelled to Make Good Music SongsLisa Schwartz Makes Best Videos!
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsSomebody Needed to Make These SongsLisa Marie Presley, I Wrote This Song About You
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsThese Songs Sound Great!Oh! Lisa Hanawalt Is Talented Artist.
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsU.S. SenatorsLisa Murkowski Is a Great Politician
Papa Razzi and the PhotogsUnstoppable Songs About Super PeopleSinging About Lisa Ling
The Best Birthday Song Band EverHappy Birthday Vol. 2Happy Birthday Lisa
The Best Friend Song Fun BandYou Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 2Lisa, You are My Best Friend
The Birthday Band for Old PeopleHappy Birthday (You're Getting Old) Vol. 10Happy Birthday Lisa (You're Getting Old)
The Family Party Song SingersThe Super Fun Birthday Song Sensation!Happy Birthday Lisa
The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and OverFun With Names Songs, Vol. 1The Lisa Song
The Name ProjectGirls Volume OneLisa
The Name ProjectGirls Volume TwoLisa
The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and PeeMore Name Name Poop SongsThe Lisa Poop Song
The Prom Song SingersPlay This Song For Her, Vol. 3Lisa, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
The Singing Phone Ringtone Party BandFirst and Last Name RingtonesLisa Smith, You Have A Phone Call
The Smokin' Hot Babe LoversSongs About Smoking Hot Babes, Vol. 3Lisa is a Smokin' Hot Babe
The Wedding Proposal Song Music BandWill You Marry Me Songs, Vol. 3Lisa, Will You Marry Me?

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