Matt Farley made a song about me!

There are no words to describe how incredible this is. So I’ll just say Matt Farley made a song about me. After releasing over 25,000 songs he finally made one about me.

Here’s the YouTube link and of course I transcribed the lyrics too.

Mike Herchenroder you are my friend
You are a wonderful Motern Media Search Engine maker oh yeah
Mike Herchenroder you are very talented at creating computer program stuff and oh yeah
One of those things that you created is the invaluable Motern Media Search Page
And when I say invaluable, I do not mean it’s not valuable, I mean it’s so valuable that it can’t be calculated
Oh Mike Herchenroder, you are the greatest human to ever walk on the earth oh yea
You created a wonderful service for people who wanna know what words are in the titles of the songs put out by Motern Media
Oh yeah
Mike Herchenroder, all time legendary super duper wonderful person.
Oh Yeah
You got great taste in music and you want other people to be able to listen to the songs that they wanna hear by Motern Media
It’s not always easy for them to find the songs, or at least it didn’t used to be that way before you made
The Motern Media Search Engine

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