Albums Started but Not Finished

    Uncle John's Niece
    Dan Speake's Bitter Rant
Out With the Old
    Life Is Beautiful
    Can't Go On
Basement Reunion
    Have You Seen Dooma Blooma?
    Pete, Where Are You?
    I'll Make a Poster
    Only Party With Girls
    Fight Riot
    Swear, Farley, Swear
    Swivel Chair
    Too Cold for Shorts
Stromboli's Alarm Clock
Phillies, Eagles & 76ers
    Talkin' Practice With Allen Iverson
    Shane Victorino
    Jimmy Rollins
    Matt Stairs
    Chase Utley (World F'n' Champs)
    Jamie Moyer Will Pitch 'Til He's 50
    Don't Mess With Andy Reid
    Elton Brand
    Andre Iguodala
    Mo Cheeks Is A Motivator
Let's Go Camping!
Giants & 49ers
    Don't Mess With Mike Singletary
    Pablo Sandoval
    Randy Johnson
    Manager Bruce Bochy Has A Big Head!
    Brian Wilson
    Jonathan Sanchez Threw A No-Hitter
    Bengie Molina Is The Slowest Man In Baseball
    Edgar Renteria
    Aaron Rowand, Watch Where You're Going
    Barry Zito
Yankees, Giants & Knicks, Vol. 3
    The Carmelo Anthony Song
    The Derek Jeter Song
    Amare Stoudemire is On Fire!
    Oh, Curtis Granderson!
    Alex Rodriguez (The A-Rod Song)
    Ivan Nova
    Mickey Mantle
    Joe Dimaggio
    John Sterling is a Great Play-By-Play Man!
    Phil Hughes (Never Gonna Lose!)
Phillies & Eagles
    Michael Vick
    Cliff Lee is Back in Phili
    Nnamdi Asomugha
    Chase Utley
    Trent Cole Will Crush Your Soul!
    (Ladies Wanna Party With) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    Roy Oswalt
    Carlos Ruiz ("Chooch")
    Ronnie Brown
    LeSean McCoy
Vote Republican!
    We Need A Fence On The U.S.-Mexico Border
    The War In Iraq Is Good!
    Hey, A.C.L.U., Don't You Have Anything Better To Do?
    Barack Obama Stands For Hope And Change
    Young People Don't Vote
    High Gas Prices Are A Liberal Conspiracy To Make People Go Green
    In Defense Of The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp
    Karl Rove Is A Genius!
    Barack Obama's Buddy, Reverend Jeremiah Wright
    I'm Voting For John Mccain!
Yankees, Giants & Knicks
    Jeremy Shockey Wore Out His Welcome in New York
    A-rod & Madonna
    Joba Chamberlain
    Isiah Thomas, Your Work in New York Is Done
    Derek Jeter Is Frustrated
    Eli Manning
    Who Needs Tiki Barber?
    Hideki Matsui Got Married
    Joba Chamberlain Vs. the Insects
    Mike Mussina
Live in Danvers! (World Motern Day Extravaganza 2017)
    I Wear Tight Pants When I Dance (Live)
    Let Me Tell You About a Girl I Met (Live)
    Rattletrap (Live)
    Going Nowhere (Live)
    Charles Darwin: Great Scientist Guy! (Live)
    Exterminator Song (Live)
    (I Sing on Your) Wedding Cake [Live]
    Dig In! (Live)
    And I Think of You (Live)
    Canadian Fisheries (Live)
Unofficial Tributes to Officially Awesome Music People
    Joni Mitchell Got too Experimental as Her Career Evolved
    The Dejas Performance I saw in Salem, MA
    People Are Afraid to Admit They Love Solo Paul McCartney Songs
    Gregg Alexander is Awesome!
    A Song about Frank Sinatra
    Billy Joel is Awesome and Deserves More Respect!
    George Michael is Great!
    Michael Buble is the Future of Music
    I Love Kesha
    Chris Martin, You are Better than Me
I've Never Left My Hometown
It's Time for People to Know the Truth
New Hampshire Girl Songs
    Nashua Girls
    The Girl from Rochester, NH
    Bi-Wise Girls (Allenstown, Pembroke, Suncook Village)
    I Love Bedford, NH Girls!
    Candia Girl
    How Hot are the Girls in Derry? (Very, Very, Very, Very...)
    Exeter Girl
    Party in Pinardville (Goffstown Girls)
    The Girls at Hampton Beach! (Hampton Girls)
    Summers on Lake Sunapee (Sunapee Girl)
Motern Extravaganza 2019
    Doing Heroin Alone
    Going Nowhere
    Between the Echo
    I Got a Promotion
    An Ode to Heating Oil
    Loring Ave.
    Black Lake
    Antarctic Rages
    A Minute Is Like a Day When You're Falling in Love
    Inappropriately Detailed Response
Famous People
    Kristen Stewart, I Wanna Be Your Vampire Boyfriend
    Joaquin Phoenix Has Gone Mad!
    Paul Rudd Love Mac And Me
    Zooey Deschanel, You Are So Beautiful
    Hilary Duff
    Penelope Cruz
    Ryan Seacrest
    Tom Hanks
    Conan O'brien
    Cobie Smulders
Sports Songs for People Who Like Sports Songs
    The Russell Wilson Song
    Marshawn Lynch Is an Amazing Man
    Golden Tate Is so Great
    Pete Carroll Rules the World!
    A Song About Steph Curry
    Billy Beane Is the Best General Manger Ever!
    Grant Balfour Never Throws Ball Four
    The Ian Kennedy Tribute Song
    Larry Fitzgerald, Best Receiver Ever!
    The Ultimate John Stockton Song of All Time!
Sports Music Songs
    Jim Rome Is a Great Sports Talk Guy
    The Jason Avant Song (Panthers Version)
    The New Jason Avant Song
    Luke Kuechly Is a Defensive Genius
    Song About Ricky Stanzi
    Billy Hamilton Is a Great Baseball Man
    Richard Sherman Is the Best Cornerback Ever!
    Cam Newton Song
    Deangelo Williams Is an Athlete!
    Percy Harvin Is a Good Man
Here's the Office Supplies Album I've Been Telling You About
Maryland Songs for Maryland People, Md
    Go Back to Rockville Repeatedly Because It's Great
    Here's a Song About Greenbelt, Maryland
    Superb Cumberland Song
    Westminster, Maryland!
    Hyattsville, Oh Yeah!
    Takoma Park Is a Great Place
    Easton Is a Great Town
    Elkton Is a Great Town
    Aberdeen, Maryland Is Wonderful
    Let's Hear It for Havre De Grace!
Come With Me to France, Ok?
    Roubaix Is Best Place
    Dunkirk Song
    This Song Is About Tourcoing, The Nice Place
    Here Comes a Song About Creteil
    Avignon! Avignon! Yeah!
    Nanterre Is Nice Community
    Poitiers, Uh Huh!
    Courbevoie Is Wonderful
    Go Visit Versailles, Ok?
Good Good Name Poop Songs
    The Fernanda Poop Song
    The Penelope Poop Song
    The Weston Poop Song
    The Pedro Poop Song
    The Emanuel Poop Song
    The Axel Poop Song
    The Simon Poop Song
    The Ezra Poop Song
    The Easton Poop Song
    The Lukas Poop Song
Something Yes Because!
    Lauren Duca Excellence!
    Oh! Colin McEnroe Yes!
    Good Davis Dunavin Music Song
    I Made This Song About Eve Peyser
    Here I Sing About Gareth Reynolds
    Julie Kedzie Is Tough and Strong
    Henry Darger, Outsider Artist Extraordinaire!
    I Respect Peter Hartlaub Extremely
    Schrodinger's Cat
    Ivan Pavlov Made Dogs Salivate so Well!
Excellent Excellent Name Name Poop Songs Songs
    The George Poop Song
    The Porter Poop Song
    The Eliana Poop Song
    The Lola Poop Song
    The Amely Poop Song
    The Jordyn Poop Song
    The Jenna Poop Song
    The Liana Poop Song
    The Braulio Poop Song
    The Marleen Poop Song
Intensely Personal Songs
    I Am Such a Hack, A Stupid, Stupid Hack
    Creative Energy Takes Work
    Ask Pretty Girl On a Date
    Day Job (Keeps Me Humble and Hungry)
    Dump Your Stupid Boyfriend, Ok?
    Drugs Are Bad. Don't Be a Druggie, Ok?
    Overwritten Dialogue (Makes Me Cringe)
    Chase Bad Guys. Do What Is Right.
    Girl Dumped Me (And I Feel so Sad)
    Girl Cheat On Me
Important Songs About Washington State Cities Because
    Oh, Spokane, Oh Yeah!
    Best Everett Washington Anthem
    Renton Is the Washing City I'm Singing About Here
    Here Comes a Spokane Valley Song
    Oh! Federal Way, Washington!
    My Song for Yakima
    Bellingham Song for All Greatness
    Kirkland Forever
    Kennewick Is the Subject of This Song
    Auburn, Washington
North Carolina City and Towns Songs for All People
    Charlotte Is a Great North Carolina City
    Raleigh, North Carolina, Forever!
    Tremendous Greensboro Song
    Durham! Durham! Durham!
    Superb Fayetteville Music Song
    Cary Is a Good American Town in North Carolina
    (Listen to This Song About) Wimington
    High Point
    Let's Hear It for Concord, North Carolina
    Great Greenville Ode
Fame is Awesome!
    Poor Conan O'brien Got Fired
    Steve Martin Says Funny Things A Lot
    Randy Jackson Calls People "Dog" A Lot
    Joe Jonas
    Michael Cera, You are so Cool
    Rachel Uchitel is Beautiful and Nice
    Joel Stein Bought the Song I Wrote About Him!
    Kevin Jonas, Can I Join The Jonas Brothers, Please?
    Lisa Edelstein, You are Beautiful and Talented
    Simon Cowell is Not a Jerk!
Songs About My House and Stuff
    The Creepy Scary Basement Song
    Underground Cellar
    The Garage Is a Little House for Your Vehicle
    Cook Your Food in the Oven (The Oven Tribute Song!)
    The Stove Song, Yep!
    Climb Up the Stairs! Go Down the Stairs!
    Musical Song About the Roof
    I Made This Song About My Ceiling
    I Love My Ceiling Fan
    Air Conditioner Cool Things Much
I Am Not Wasting My Life
    Melvin from Belgium
    Bang Splat Makes Music Wonderful
    Illeana Douglas, Oh Yeah!
    Steve Keene Art Factory Song!
    Best Jim Wallace Best Ever
    Penny Johnson Jerald
    Colton Harris Moore, Put Your Shoes On!
    Jacques Tati Good Movie Man
    Emily Milling Greatest Always
    Justin Decloux Always Best
Animal Lovers: Unite and Sing Songs!
    My Cat Hates Me (Except For When She's Hungry)
    There Are Coyotes in my Neighborhood
    The Cute Little Chipmunks Song
    My Golden Retriever
    Veterinarians Deserve a TV Drama (a la Grey's Anatomy and E.R.)
    My Horse is a Great Horse!
    My Dog Chases His Tail (He is not very smart)
    The Mule Song (I Love My Mule!)
    The Buffalo Song
    Anteaters Make Great Exterminators!
64 Movie Review Songs
    Vertigo (a celebration of the Hitchcock film starring Jimmy Stewart)
    Say Anything (a review of the Cameron Crowe picture)
    The Big Lebowski (a review of the Coen Bros. film starring Jeff Bridges)
    The Naked Gun (a review of the Leslie Nielsen classic)
    Billy Madison (a rediscovery of the Adam Sandler comedy)
    The Goonies (a celebration of the 80s Josh Brolin classic)
    Lost (a critique of the final episode, and the series in general)
    Curb Your Enthusiasm (a celebration of the Larry David series)
    Seinfeld (a look back at the wonderful TV show)
    Sledge Hammer! (a look back at the Alan Spencer series starring David Rasche)
Hey Kids, It's Birthday Party Time!
These Are Great! Holiday Songs!
    New Year's Day (And Everybody's Happy!)
    National Trivia Day, Oh Yeah!
    National Bird Day Song (Tweet Tweet!)
    Houseplant Appreciation Day Song!
    It's Opposite Day! (Or Should I Say "It's Not Opposite Day"?)
    Australia Day Celebration Song!
    Excellent Song About Groundhog Day
    Happy Valentine's Day. You Are Wonderful. I Care About You.
    Presidents' Day
    Mardis Gras Party Fun Song
Famous Fictional People
    Hermione Granger, Magic Spell Caster!
    A Song About the Dude, Jeffrey Lebowski
    Dorothy Gale Got a Little Doggy Named Toto
    This Song Is About Tarzan, The Guy in the Jungle
    Holden Caulfield, Rebel Teenage Brat
    Bilbo Baggins, Uh Huh!
    Captain Ahab Tribute Song
    Beowulf Is so Strong and Powerful
    Odysseus: What a Good Guy!
    Achilles Got a Bad Heel. That's His Weak Spot.
Papa Razzi Gets Introspective, Shares His Worldview, and Offers Advice
    Global Warming Upsets Me So Much!
    Sometimes I Can't Stop Eating Because Food is Yummy
    Don't Do LSD
    Don't Drive Drunk
    I Wish I Were Super Famous
    My Fans Call Me on the Phone a Lot
    Don't Say Bad Words, Ever!
    Always Tell the Truth
    Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street
    I am Very Deep and Poetic, Don't You Think?
Fun Songs for Animals; Sing Best Animal Song
    The Great Angry Bumblebee Song
    The Hornet Song (Watch Out for the Angry Hornet!)
    Spiders Are Strange Creatures
    Watch Out for the Tiger. It is Hungry. It's Gonna Eat You!
    My Schipperke Is a Great Doggie!
    Me and My German Shepherd
    The Siberian Husky is a Wonderful Doggie
    The Wolf Song
    Oh! Oh! The Camel Song!
    The Swan (Has Got It Goin' On)
Food Song Central: A Lot of Songs About Food
    The Best Song About Vinegar Ever!
    Oh, Carrot Cake! So Delicious!
    Zucchini Bread
    A Remarkable Spatula Song, Yes!
    The Whisk Song (Whisk! Whisk! Whisk!)
    White Rice
    I Really Like Worcestershire Sauce, Yes I Do!
    It's Wild Rice! It's Crazy! It Can't Be Tamed!
    I Like to Chew Gum! (Gum Gum Gum!)
    Soda Pop is a Delicious Beverage
You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 5
    Beckett, You Are My Best Friend
    Becky, You Are My Best Friend
    Bella, You Are My Best Friend
    Benjy, You Are My Best Friend
    Benny, You Are My Best Friend
    Bess, You Are My Best Friend
    Bessie, You Are My Best Friend
    Braden, You Are My Best Friend
    Brady, You Are My Best Friend
    Brandon, You Are My Best Friend
Virginia Is Good and Yes, Va
    This Song Doesn't Belong On This Album
    Newport News Is a Good Virginia City
    Best Song About Alexandria, Virginia
    Oh Yeah! Hampton, Va
    Roanoke Is a Nice Big City
    Let's Sing About Portsmouth, Virginia!
    You're Gonna Love This Song About Suffolk
    Here's a Song About Lynchburg
    Harrisonburg Virginia Song
    Charlottesville Is the Topic of This Song
Songs Song Sing Songs Onion Llama
    Suspicious Minds
    The Midnight Train to Georgia
    Uncle Jon's Band
    My Papa Got a Brand New Bag
    I Give Peace a Chance
    Big Yellow Taxi
    In Your Eyes
    Georgia Is On My Mind
    Paint It Black, Please
    Sweet Jane
Unexpected Songs of Joy, and Celebrations of Music Stars
    Stu Reid of Twang Trust (Thanks, Friend)
    Jeff Mangum, You are a Lo-Fi Music Wizard!
    My Favorite Beatles Solo Albums
    Win Butler, You Are A Great Great Guy!
    Tegan Quin, You Are An Indie Pop Goddess! (Call Me Sometime!)
    Sara Quin, I Like You!
    Lindsey Buckingham is a Great Rock and Roll Genius
    Stevie Nicks is Awesome!
    Rod Stewart Does Great Tom Waits Covers
    Hope Sandoval, I Like How You Sing
More Songs About Funny Comic Comedian People
    Joe Derosa Is a Comedy Man
    Bob Newhart Likes to Talk On the Phone
    Oh, Martin Short
    Michael Ian Black, You Are a Classic Comedy Superstar, Yes.
    Fred Stoller, I Like You a Very Lot
    H. Jon Benjamin Is a Legend Human Man
    Rainn Wilson Is a Great Funny Actor Human
    A Pretty Good Song About Donald Glover
    Adam Scott, Superstar Movie TV Comedy Genius Man, Uh Huh!
    Musical Comedy Acts Get No Respect in the World of Stand-Up.
Good Songs About People Who Make Good Songs Always
    Peter Buck Plays Guitar Good
    Mike Mills
    I Like the Music That Jonny Greenwood Makes
    Colin Greenwood Plays His Base Very Nicely
    Ed O'Brien, Rock and Roll Sensation Man
    Ron Wood Is a Rolling Stone Guitar Great Guy
    Ryan Bingham, My Friend Told Me to Check Out Your Music
    Billy Corgan, I Like This Music You Make, Yes.
    Sondre Lerche, Your Songs Are Nice
    Britt Daniels, You Are the Best Utensil Band Man Ever!
I Don't Know Why I Do This
We Are Running Out of Food to Sing Songs About
    The Onion Breath Song
    I Love Scallion Pancakes, Uh Huh!
    Gelato Gelato Gelato!
    Iceberg Lettuce, Oh Iceberg Lettuce!
    I Like Frosting Better Than Cake
    I Love Lactose. It Is So Creamy and Wonderful.
    Lard Is My Favorite Food in the World Becuase It's Tasty
    Licorice. Yummy Candy, Yeah Yeah Yeah!
    Probably the Best Mango Song Created This Month
Songs, Singers, Goats, Writers, Critics...all Sorts of Stuff!
    I Thought I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In
    When I Was Your Man (It Was Great! (Then You Dumped Me))
    Thrift Shop
    Suit and Tie
    Shake Harlem
    I Will Wait for You
    Highways Don't Care (Because They Have No Brains or Souls, Etc.)
    (I've Got The) Eye of the Tiger (That Tried to Eat Me)
    Just Give Me a Reason, Please
    I've Got You Under My Skin, You Subcutaneous Parasite, You
Unstoppable Songs About Super People
    A Song About Banksy, the Underground Artist
    Leighton Meester, You Can Be My Roommate if You Wanna
    How 'Bout Those Brothers Grimm!
    (Snobs Don't Appreciate) Norman Rockwell
    A Tribute to Tommy Wiseau
    I Saw DJ Hazard Perform in Salem, MA Fifteen Years Ago
    Billy Costa, My Girlfriend Wants to Date You!
    A Terrific Musical Song About Vincent van Gogh
    Marie Antoinette, Let's Eat Some Cake!
    Judas Iscariot is a Big Jerk!
Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and the Media
    The Ryan Dempster Song!
    Felix Doubront Is the King!
    Jake Peavy Has Come to Boston!
    Koji Uehara Is Our Closer!
    Shane Victorino Deserves a Song
    David Ortiz, You Can Do as You Please
    Jeff Green Looks Good in Green
    Tim Wakefield Has Gotta Come Out of Retirement
    Thoughts On the '11 & '12 Red Sox Teams
    Logan Mankins Is an Unstoppable Force
People Who Like These Songs Are Correct
    Richard Youngs Is a Wonderful Genius Music Person
    Loren Mazzacane Connors, You so Great and Great
    Drummer Alex Neilson Now Has a Song About Him
    Chris Corsano, The Experimental Drummer Man, Is Great!
    This Song Is About John Fahey
    Norman Carl Odam Is an Enthusiastic Legend
    Larry Wayne Fischer Was a Wild Guy, Uh Huh!
    Will Oldham, I Like the Great Songs You Are Able to Create
    Ben Chasny, You Got Some Amazing Guitar Skills, Yo!
    Alan Licht Makes Interesting Sounds. Yep!
Meteorology Music for You to Like
    (This Is) Possibly the Best Song About Rain
    Snow Snow Snow Snow! Look At It!
    Let's Sing About Sleet! Sleet Sleet Sleet!
    Watch Out for Hail Falling from the Sky!
    Look At All This Fog. It's Ridiculous!
    What Do You Think of This Song About Wind?
    Best Song About a Hurricane, Yes.
    It's a Tornado! Whoa!
    A Blizzard Is a Hugh Snowstorm
    You Feel That? It's an Earthquake! Be Careful.
English England, British Britain, Uk, Great Song!
    Leeds Is a Good City, Oh Yeah!
    Huddersfield Tribute Song
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Gateshead Is a Great Place to Be
    Perhaps the Best Song Written About Liverpool Today!
    Nottingham Has Lots of Great Stuff in It
    The Best Song About Beeston Ever!
    Sheffield! Sheffield! Sheffield!
    Rotherham Is Such a Nice Place
    Bristol, South West England (Nice Place!)
The Wardrobe Album: Songs About Clothes
    Boots Boots Boots! (Put On Your Boots!)
    Put On Your Stupid Shoes!
    Song About Sneakers
    High Heel Shoes Song, Yes!
    The Sandals Song
    Wear Flip Flops. Have Fun!
    Putting On My Socks, Feeling Cozy
    Dress Socks
    Ankle Bracelet (What a Nice Thing!)
    This Song Is About Pants. Pants Are Great!
Illinois Il Song Fun Yeah
    Best Song About Chicago
    Rockford Is a Good Nice City
    Joliet Is a Great Illinois City, Yes!
    Naperville! Naperville! Naperville!
    Here's a Song About Capital City Springfield, Illinois
    Peoria Is a Nice Area
    Everything About Elgin, Illinois Is Great
    Song for Waukegan, Il
    Cicero Is a Good Place to Go!
    Champaign, Illinois
These Australia Places Deserve These Nice Songs
    Song About Sydney, New South Wales
    Melbourne Is a Nice Australian City
    Brisbane Is the Capital of Queensland, Yes!
    This Song Is About Perth, The Nice Big City
    Adelaide, South Australia. Nice Place.
    Listen to This Song About the Gold Coast, Queensland, Ok?
    Tweed Heads Song
    Newcastle Is a Nice City in New South Wales, Yeah Yeah!
    Allow Me to Sing About Maitland
    Canberra Is the Capital of Australia, And This Song Is About It
So, What Do You Think of These Songs?
    Brooke Gladstone Is Wonderful Journalistic Woman
    Lauren Lapkus, I Respect You Cause You Famous
    Ladies Go Crazy for Dylan O'Brien, The Great Actor/Musician
    Free Sacco & Vanzetti. They Are Innocent Anarchists!
    Whitney Jones: Radio Producer Awesome!
    Alex Kapelman Is Smart Great Excellent!
    Marty Derosa Is Excellent At Comedy.
    Alyssa Wolff Is Famous and Successful Comedian
    Song About Alison Leiby
    Josh Gondelman Has a Witty Brain
New Jersey Has Townships and Boroughs Too, Nj
    Newark Is a Good Big City
    Paterson, New Jersey
    Elizabeth Is a Great City, Yes.
    Yeah! Edison, Nj! Oh Yeah!
    Woodbridge Is a Heck of a Township
    Lakewood Township, Oh Yeah!
    Toms River
    Hamilton Is a Fine Township in Jersey
    Oh Yeah, Trenton, New Jersey. Wonderful Place.
    Clifton, Nj
Connecticut City & Town Fun Song, Ct
    Ansonia Is a Wonderful Connecticut City
    Avon, Connecticut
    A Song About Berlin, Connecticut
    I Love Bethel, Connecticut. Yes I Do.
    Bethlehem Is the Place to Send Your Xmas Cards from
    Bloomfield Has Some Great Connecticut Joy
    Branford, Connecticut (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)
    Bridgeport Is a Great Connecticut Community, Oh Yeah!
    Bristol Is the Sportscaster Headquarters of the World, I Bet!
    Brookfield, Connecticut. Great Town, Yes.
California Is a Big State: Oh Yeah, Ca
    Fresno, California
    Possibly the Best Song About Sacramento Recorded This Week!
    Oh Yeah, Long Beach! Good Place, Yes!
    Nice Song About Oakland, Ca
    Bakersfield Song
    Anaheim Is a Fine City
    Santa Ana Is a Place to Be
    Riverside Is a Good California City
    Stockton Is a Very Good City
    Song About Fremont, California (Good City, Oh Yeah!)
These Songs Are About Transportation. Enjoy!
    All About the Used Car I Bought a Few Years Ago
    The Truck Song
    The S.U.V. Song
    Motorcycle! Motorcycle! Fun! Fun! Fun!
    Tractor Trailer Big Rig Truck, Uh Huh!
    Camper Van: It's Like Driving a House!
    This Song Is About a Van (Van Song)
    Oh Yeah, The Tricycle! Three Wheels!
    Pay the Taxi Driver When You Ride in the Cab, Ok?
Stupid People Hate These Songs Because They're Dumb
I Like Famous People and Podcasts and so On
    My First Time On the Bone Zone
    My Second Time On the Bone Zone
    A Good Nice Song About the Bone Zone Show
    A Fine Bone Zone Show Tribute Song
    All About Randy Liedtke, The Great Good Person Man
    Dr. Davey Johnson, You a Good Man
    Revvers Hot Dog & Gas Shappe Tribute Song
    Johnny Pemberton, You're a Good Man. Will You Be My Friend?
    Maury Povich, Legendary American Legend
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is a Great TV Lady
The Maniac Genius Piano Song Person Again
    The Pippa Middleton Great Song
    Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Are So In Love
    Elle Fanning, You Are a Movie Star Girl
    Bianca De La Garza is My Favorite Boston Newscaster Lady
    Jon McShane, The Great Soccer Player Man
    Kevin Bacon, What is Your Favorite Breakfast Food?
    Zachary Levi is a Wonderful Man
    Kellan Lutz, Ladies Want To Kiss Your Face
    Steven Soderbergh is a Genius Director Man
    My Song About PT Anderson
Papa Razzi is Back. And He's Singing More Nice Songs!
Songs About Comedians: Comedy People Are Interesting and Funny
    Lenny Bruce, You Said Lots of Bad Words!
    Seth Rogan, You Are a Brilliant Funny Man
    Kathy Griffin, Why You Gotta Be So Mean to Famous People?
    Adam McCune, You Gotta Get Back Up on Stage!
    Chevy Chase, You Are Like the Funniest Guy in the World!
    Chris Farley Was Very Funny When He Was Alive
    Russell Brand, You Think of Funny, Funny Things
    Steve Carell is a Very Funny Man. I Like Him.
    Aubrey Plaza, You a Funny Lady, Yo!
    Will Ferrell, You are a Comedy Sensation. You Do Fine Work.
Pennsylvania Songs: PA Exciting
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tribute Song
    Allentown Good Song
    Erie Is Such a Wonderful Pennsylvania City
    Reading Is Great Pennsylvania City
    Oh Yeah! Upper Darby Township
    Ode to Scranton
    City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
    Bensalem Township
    Song for Lancaster
    Lower Merion Township Is Nice
Here's Another Brilliant Album for You to Misunderstand
Somebody Needed to Make These Songs
    Katherine Webb, You so Pretty Lady
    Napoleon Bonaparte Was so Good At Leading People to Fight
    King Henry VIII Was so Good At Lots of Stuff
    Karl Marx Was a Communist Man
    Martin Luther: Such a Good Theologian Person
    Joseph Stalin: What a Complicated Individual!
    Sir Isaac Newton Had an Apple Hit His Head
    Charlemagne Was Such a Great King of the Franks!
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: What a Good Genius!
    Ludwig Van Beethoven Is My Favorite Composer
You Will Possibly Enjoy These Songs
    Alexander Gould, You Are a Nice Human Person
    Aly Raisman Gets Medals for Being Good At Stuff
    Ariel Winter Is a Famous Actress
    Ladies Love Asa Butterfield
    This Song Is About Austin Mahone, The Great Man
    Song All About Bianca Ryan
    You, Callan McAuliffe, Are a Nice Celebrity
    Danielle Bradbery Sings so Talented
    Best Song Ever About Georgie Henley
    Jake T. Austin Is Awesome
Happy Birthday Vol. 3
    Happy Birthday Mike
    Happy Birthday Mikey
    Happy Birthday Milly
    Happy Birthday Mindy
    Happy Birthday Mitch
    Happy Birthday Molly
    Happy Birthday Monique
    Happy Birthday Myah
    Happy Birthday Nana
    Happy Birthday Nancy
Most of These People Were Guests On Podcasts I Listened To
    Bert Kreischer, You Are a Party Machine, Man!
    La La La La Luka Jones
    Shelby Fero, You Are a Twitter Prodigy
    You, Godfrey, Do Not Need a Last Name
    Morgan Murphy, Funny Lady Yes, Yep!
    Megan Neuringer, Comedy Wonderful Lady
    Dan Soder, I Like You Because You're Funny
    What's the Story, Neal Brennan?
    Pendleton Ward, You Are Talented
    Joel McHale, I Like You Because You're On Television
Celebrity People Are the Better People Yes True
    Good Song for Carrie Underwood
    Blair Underwood, You a Good Actor, Yeah
    Kat Von D Is a Tattoo Lady
    Song About Nicole Richie, The Wonderful Famous Woman
    Oh, Denise Richards!
    Tiffany Thornton Is a Wonderful TV Star
    I Like Kristin Kreuk. She Is Great.
    Hayley Williams Is a Good Singer, Uh Huh!
    Song About Actor Bryan Greenberg, Good Guy
    Channing Tatum, Every Girl Wants to Hug You
You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 6
    Dean, You Are My Best Friend
    Deanna, You Are My Best Friend
    Deon, You Are My Best Friend
    Desmond, You Are My Best Friend
    Devin, You Are My Best Friend
    Dexter, You Are My Best Friend
    Dick, You Are My Best Friend
    Dillon, You Are My Best Friend
    Dion, You Are My Best Friend
    Donald, You Are My Best Friend
You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 7
    Karlie, You Are My Best Friend
    Kasey, You Are My Best Friend
    Katarina, You Are My Best Friend
    Katherine, You Are My Best Friend
    Kathleen, You Are My Best Friend
    Kathlein, You Are My Best Friend
    Kayden, You Are My Best Friend
    Kayla, You Are My Best Friend
    Kaylie, You Are My Best Friend
    Keaton, You Are My Best Friend
Birthday Party Central
    Happy Birthday Seraphina
    Happy Birthday Serephina
    Happy Birthday Sera
    Happy Birthday Violet
    Happy Birthday Maisie
    Happy Birthday Maison
    Happy Birthday Claire
    Happy Birthday Clare
    Happy Birthday Maeve
    Happy Birthday Matilda
Play This Song For Her, Vol. 5
    Skye, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Skyla, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Skylar, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Sophia, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Sophie, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Stacey, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Stacy, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Stefanie, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Stella, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
    Stevie, Will You Go To The Prom With Me?
Happy Happy Fun Fun Fun!!!
    Happy Birthday Alejandra
    Happy Birthday Clayton
    Happy Birthday Fatima
    Happy Birthday Teagan
    Happy Birthday Kameron
    Happy Birthday Heaven
    Happy Birthday Devon
    Happy Birthday Alayna
    Happy Birthday Corbin
    Happy Birthday Marcos
U.S. Senators
    Richard Shelby Is a Great Senator
    Jeff Sessions Is a Wonderful Senator
    Lisa Murkowski Is a Great Politician
    Dan Sullivan Awesome Political Man!
    Tribute to John McCain, the Fine American Legend!
    All About Politician Jeff Flake, the Great Politician
    Tom Cotton Is a Loyal and True American Senator
    Best Song About John Boozman, the Senator
    Dianne Feinstein Represents the People in the Senate
    Barbara Boxer Is a Senator!
Happy Birthday, Vol. 8
    Happy Birthday Pam
    Happy Birthday Pamela
    Happy Birthday Paola
    Happy Birthday Parcker
    Happy Birthday Paris
    Happy Birthday Patsy
    Happy Birthday Paul
    Happy Birthday Paulina
    Happy Birthday Pepere
    Happy Birthday Pete
Age is Just a Number
    Happy Birthday Miguel
    Happy Birthday Trevor
    Happy Birthday Denise
    Happy Birthday Dennis
    Happy Birthday Denny
    Happy Birthday Denali
    Happy Birthday Deni
    Happy Birthday Austin
    Happy Birthday Andre
    Happy Birthday Sabrina
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