Albums Started but Not Finished

Out With the Old
    Life Is Beautiful
    Can't Go On
Colorado State America Songs
    Johnstown Awesome Song
    A Superior Song About Superior, Colorado
    Fruita! Fruita! Fruita!
    Steamboat Springs Forever!
    Firestone Song
    Fort Morgan, Colorado, Usa, North America, World
    Crested Butte
    Gunnison Is a Great Place
    Vail Anthem
    Best Song About Aspen
Holiday Poop Puke & Pee Songs
    I Pooped On Santa's Lap
    I Saw Mommy Wiping Santa's Bum
    Happy Mother's Day (Thanks For Wiping My Bum, Mom)
    Father's Day Dump
    Happy Valentine's Day (I'll Hold Your Hair Back When You Puke)
    Thanksgiving Turkey Farts
    Jingle Bell Farts
    Fourth Of July Farts
    Pee On The Christmas Tree
    I Hope I'm Constipated On Valentine's Day
Yankees, Giants & Knicks
    Jeremy Shockey Wore Out His Welcome in New York
    A-rod & Madonna
    Joba Chamberlain
    Isiah Thomas, Your Work in New York Is Done
    Derek Jeter Is Frustrated
    Eli Manning
    Who Needs Tiki Barber?
    Hideki Matsui Got Married
    Joba Chamberlain Vs. the Insects
    Mike Mussina
Animal Noises
    Female Introduction
    Drift On, Dreamer
    No Explaining
    I've Got Big Plans for Me and You
    Cuddle Couch
    Private Moment
    Let's Maintain This Good Thing We've Got Going
    She Prefers Another Guy
    Wake up Sad
    Single Goal
Motern Extravaganza 2019
    Dandelion Moonglow
    Postcards and Memories
    Doing Heroin Alone
    Going Nowhere
    Between the Echo
    I Got a Promotion
    A Song About Keys
    An Ode to Heating Oil
    Loring Ave.
    Black Lake
Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 14)
Here's the Office Supplies Album I've Been Telling You About
Songs from Deep in the Vault (1996-2010), Vol. 3
    Our Troubles May Be Over
    If Ever You Should Change Your Mind
    I Oughta Keep a Notebook in My Pocket (Like Scalzo Does)
    Song to J.L.
    I Wanna Be Gypsy
    Wait a Minute, Lester
    Hey Chicken Tender
    Front Seat / Back Seat
I Don't Know Why I Do This
Songs About My House and Stuff
    The Creepy Scary Basement Song
    Underground Cellar
    The Garage Is a Little House for Your Vehicle
    Cook Your Food in the Oven (The Oven Tribute Song!)
    The Stove Song, Yep!
    Climb Up the Stairs! Go Down the Stairs!
    Musical Song About the Roof
    I Made This Song About My Ceiling
    I Love My Ceiling Fan
    Air Conditioner Cool Things Much
Food Song Central: A Lot of Songs About Food
    The Best Song About Vinegar Ever!
    Oh, Carrot Cake! So Delicious!
    Zucchini Bread
    A Remarkable Spatula Song, Yes!
    The Whisk Song (Whisk! Whisk! Whisk!)
    White Rice
    I Really Like Worcestershire Sauce, Yes I Do!
    It's Wild Rice! It's Crazy! It Can't Be Tamed!
    I Like to Chew Gum! (Gum Gum Gum!)
    Soda Pop is a Delicious Beverage
Very Sad Songs About Very Dead Animal Creatures
    Dead Little Lamb (Someone Go Tell Mary!)
    The Dead Puppy Song
    The Dead Llama Song
    Dead Puppies Make Me So Sad
    Dead Baby Chicks
    Dead Doggy
    Oh No! It's a Dead Unicorn! I'm So Sad About Its Demise!
    Dead Doggies
    Look At the Dead Dog
    It's a Dead Ferret. Goodbye, My Ferret Friend!
People Who Like These Songs Are Correct
    Richard Youngs Is a Wonderful Genius Music Person
    Loren Mazzacane Connors, You so Great and Great
    Drummer Alex Neilson Now Has a Song About Him
    Chris Corsano, The Experimental Drummer Man, Is Great!
    This Song Is About John Fahey
    Norman Carl Odam Is an Enthusiastic Legend
    Larry Wayne Fischer Was a Wild Guy, Uh Huh!
    Will Oldham, I Like the Great Songs You Are Able to Create
    Ben Chasny, You Got Some Amazing Guitar Skills, Yo!
    Alan Licht Makes Interesting Sounds. Yep!
We Are Running Out of Food to Sing Songs About
    The Onion Breath Song
    I Love Scallion Pancakes, Uh Huh!
    Gelato Gelato Gelato!
    Iceberg Lettuce, Oh Iceberg Lettuce!
    I Like Frosting Better Than Cake
    I Love Lactose. It Is So Creamy and Wonderful.
    Lard Is My Favorite Food in the World Becuase It's Tasty
    Licorice. Yummy Candy, Yeah Yeah Yeah!
    Probably the Best Mango Song Created This Month
Songs, Singers, Goats, Writers, Critics...all Sorts of Stuff!
    I Thought I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In
    When I Was Your Man (It Was Great! (Then You Dumped Me))
    Thrift Shop
    Suit and Tie
    Shake Harlem
    I Will Wait for You
    Highways Don't Care (Because They Have No Brains or Souls, Etc.)
    (I've Got The) Eye of the Tiger (That Tried to Eat Me)
    Just Give Me a Reason, Please
    I've Got You Under My Skin, You Subcutaneous Parasite, You
Connecticut City & Town Fun Song, Ct
    Ansonia Is a Wonderful Connecticut City
    Avon, Connecticut
    A Song About Berlin, Connecticut
    I Love Bethel, Connecticut. Yes I Do.
    Bethlehem Is the Place to Send Your Xmas Cards from
    Bloomfield Has Some Great Connecticut Joy
    Branford, Connecticut (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)
    Bridgeport Is a Great Connecticut Community, Oh Yeah!
    Bristol Is the Sportscaster Headquarters of the World, I Bet!
    Brookfield, Connecticut. Great Town, Yes.
Illinois Il Song Fun Yeah
    Best Song About Chicago
    Rockford Is a Good Nice City
    Joliet Is a Great Illinois City, Yes!
    Naperville! Naperville! Naperville!
    Here's a Song About Capital City Springfield, Illinois
    Peoria Is a Nice Area
    Everything About Elgin, Illinois Is Great
    Song for Waukegan, Il
    Cicero Is a Good Place to Go!
    Champaign, Illinois
Stupid People Hate These Songs Because They're Dumb
Papa Razzi Gets Introspective, Shares His Worldview, and Offers Advice
    Global Warming Upsets Me So Much!
    Sometimes I Can't Stop Eating Because Food is Yummy
    Don't Do LSD
    Don't Drive Drunk
    I Wish I Were Super Famous
    My Fans Call Me on the Phone a Lot
    Don't Say Bad Words, Ever!
    Always Tell the Truth
    Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street
    I am Very Deep and Poetic, Don't You Think?
You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 7
    Karlie, You Are My Best Friend
    Kasey, You Are My Best Friend
    Katarina, You Are My Best Friend
    Katherine, You Are My Best Friend
    Kathleen, You Are My Best Friend
    Kathlein, You Are My Best Friend
    Kayden, You Are My Best Friend
    Kayla, You Are My Best Friend
    Kaylie, You Are My Best Friend
    Keaton, You Are My Best Friend
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